Kim Carlson

Kim was born and raised in Napa, Ca.  After stints in places as warm and west as Maui and as cozy and east as Boston, MA, she decided that home was still in the Golden State.

Professionally, Kim has served hundreds of happy clients over her 20+ year career.  Kim’s seen quite a bit of change in lending, but “the basics” are still the most important thing to keep in mind.  In Kim’s words, “Each person wants and deserves to work with a lender that will tell them the truth and look out for their best interests…it’s that simple.  Do the right thing, keep your promises and your clients reward you with their praise and referrals.  I love working that way.  It’s always worked well for me.”

As a co-founder of the Carlson Lending Team, Kim leads all activities related to the loans we originate for our clients.

Rob Carlson

Rob was born and raised all over southern California in the coastal areas of San Diego and Orange Counties.  His parents had decided to make their way as real estate investors in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and Rob moved right along with them as they moved from house to house to house.

Somewhere in the midst of college Rob was offered and accepted a position working for a major airline.  The experience broadened him in ways he could not have imagined with travel all over North America, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean.  At some point,  he yearned to spend more time in one place and returned to California to live.  After settling down in northern California, he chose a job with a technology research firm in sales.  Shortly afterward we was promoted to direct web development and was finally tasked to lead marketing efforts for the same firm.

Rob recalls, “Life is amazing!  You never know where it will take you.  It’s incredible to me to look back and see how varied my exposure and experience have been and to see how well it serves me now both personally and professionally.  I’ve been so lucky.”

As a co-founder of the Carlson Lending Team, Rob leads all activities related to the ongoing growth of the Carlson Lending Team including business development and marketing for the team and its partners.